Birth Doula

Virtual Doula Support

And while some clients love to have that face to face support that they receive through our traditional Birth Doula Support, or our Postpartum Doula Support some have more specific needs. Those needs may not require that same physical presence at their birth. Because of that, we are officially launching our Virtual Doula Support.

Group Prenatal Appointments for Birth Doula Clients

Our goal of these prenatal appointments is to supplement the information you are receiving in the your childbirth education classes and private prenatal appointments with your doulas, while also building your community. 

Questions To Ask On A Doula Interview

During our years of meeting potential clients, we have been asked some great questions about why we are the ideal birth and postpartum doulas for you in the Triangle area.

Common vs. Normal During Pregnancy

So often on Facebook and other social media sites, our birth doulas and postpartum doulas read questions from concerned pregnant folks or new parents asking various questions about if others experienced a similar issue during pregnancy, birth, and/or parenthood. However, we are reframing that question to: Is it common and is it also normal?

Why Even Have A Birth Plan?

Some say that having a birth plan sets up unrealistic ideals for your births. And while if you have rigid expectations, that may be true. However, we feel that writing the birth plan isn’t what is important.

Decoding the APGAR Test For Newborn Babies

The test is divided into 5 sections with each section receiving a score of 0 to 2. It is to help determine if the newborn needs immediate medical attention, but not to predict long-term health issues.

Spinach Smoothie with Chocolate

This smoothie is packed with important nutrients and tastes great too!

Affirmations for Labor and Delivery

A popular way we support our birth clients is through verbal affirmations during labor and delivery.

Tips For Birthing A Posterior Baby

You may have read about or seen in your ultrasound that a baby can be posterior, and that news can sometimes be not exactly what you want to hear. However, our birth doulas are well trained in how to provide physical support prenatally and during birth to help, while also are able to direct you to other resources that may help. 

Power of Breath

Sometimes we take breathing for granted, because, well, we normally don’t think about it. However, we are challenging you to really notice your breath.

CBW As A Top Birth Blog

We are so excited to be featured on the Top 30 Birth Blogs from!

Doula Support During Birth

But what exactly do we do in the birth room while you are laboring and pushing? The short answer is: whatever you need!

What To Do With Your Placenta After Birth

Birth is commonly divided into 3 stages: labor, pushing, and placenta delivery. So often the first two stages are well researched, but the third stage can be overlooked. Not today!

First Rule of Parenting: Never Say Never

First Rule of Parenting: Never Say Never

While you are pregnant, every new parent starts to think about how they will parent, and make a lot of statements about how they will never let their future children do certain things. We are all guilty of it.

What’s Your Goal For Today? 

What’s Your Goal For Today? 

We approach each client at each postpartum doula shift with a clean slate. We do not have any opinions about what should, or what should not be done, by the parent, or what should or should not be expected from the baby. We do, however, always start the shift with the same simple question: What is your goal for today?

Two Prenatal Appointments with Your Birth Doulas 

Two Prenatal Appointments with Your Birth Doulas 

For each birth doula client, we offer two prenatal appointments. This gives us a great time to learn about you, and for you to learn about us

Am I In Labor?

Am I In Labor?

Probably the single most common question we get from our clients during our first prenatal appointment is “how will I know if I’m in labor?”

What’s (Not) In Our Doula Bags

What’s (Not) In Our Doula Bags

Doulas can be known for having a bag of tricks we bring to each bring. Are you picturing a clown car of comfort measures? Well, not so much. 

So, I Had a Cesarean Birth, Now What?

So, I Had a Cesarean Birth, Now What?

Whether your cesarean birth was planned or unplanned, recovering from a cesarean birth is a little different than recovering from a vaginal birth. The recovery can be a bit longer, with a more limitations, but with a little planning and some extra support, you will do amazing.