What’s (Not) In Our Doula Bags

What’s (Not) In Our Doula Bags

Doulas can be known for having a bag of tricks we bring to each bring. Are you picturing a clown car of comfort measures? Well, not so much. 

What We Bring to Each Birth

Our bags are full of things that may surprise you: everything we bring is for us to maintain our energy so we can completely support you. We have snacks, water, phone charge, and more snacks! And of course some cash to make a late night or early morning coffee run!

What We Don’t Bring to Each Birth

We Don’t Have Any Essential Oils

We are not aromatherapists, thus we are not able to recommend any essential oils that will help you. Therefore, we encourage our clients to

We Don’t Have a Rebozo or Other Birth Tools

Hospital sheets are great make shifts rebozos, and are perfect to use because if they get messy, there is a seemingly endless supply of sheets. 

We Don’t Carry Candles or Lights

We go over how to adjust the lights in the birth rooms in our prenatal appointments, as well as encourage our clients to bring any twinkle lights or battery powered candles they may like to have.

We Don’t Bring Any Comfort Measures for Our Clients

Our goal with each client is to empower them to make the decisions that are best for their unique needs. In our second prenatal, we talk about all the comfort measures they can bring and that are available to them at their birthing location. We do this appointment around 36 weeks to allow our clients to really customize all of their comfort measures, and pack whatever they need in their hospital bag

So Why Are Our Doula Bags So Small?

We believe that everything we have to be the best doulas possible is already within each of our doulas. We have our hands, our hearts, and brains, and that is all we need to be the best doulas for you!

Emotional Support

By bringing our hearts to each birth room, we are able to completely emotional support our clients. Each client can feel the compassionate, unbiased support throughout the entire birth experience that can be so reassuring during the tough parts of labor

Physical Support

Our doulas have all been through comprehensive doula trainings where they learned various hands on comfort measures to support our clients. These physical comfort measures are all done completely with our hands, and we do not need any more tools to provide the best possible physical support that you need and deserve during labor.

Educational Support

Our brains are so full of facts and information our clients love to know during pregnancy, birth and when the baby comes home, and we love to share that information with our clients whenever they need some factual information! By bringing all of this information to the birth room, our clients basically have a walking birth encyclopedia. 

So, we are your personal birth ninjas with a tiny bag! Contact us today for more information!