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The CBW Difference

By choosing Carolina Birth and Wellness, you are choosing doulas that are professional and without an agenda.  

Our Doulas are able to attune to your needs and wishes to offer nonjudgemental, complete support to you during your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period.

Furthermore, by having a team of dedicated doulas, you can be assured you will know your doula prior to the birth of your baby.

What you can expect from us:

Complimentary consultation: This consultation allows a chance to understand the various expectations of everyone involved.  Both doulas will attend this meeting to be sure that you meet understand out team approach from the beginning. 

Team of doulas:  By having two doulas working with you during your pregnancy, you can be sure there will be no need to have a back up nor risk the chance you do not know the doula that is on-call for your birth.

Unlimited phone, email and text support: Your doulas will be on-call 24/7 at the signing of your contract. 

Two prenatal appointments: The first meeting will be to develop a birth plan and understand the procedures associated with your birth space.  The second meeting will include teaching various comfort measures that will be vital during the birth.  The doulas will each conduct each appointment either separately or as a team, whatever feels right to you.

Birth Support: 12 hours of continuous contracted support included, with additional support provided as needed. 

Postpartum Visit: One meeting at your home, within 10 days of the birth of your child, will be conducted by the doula that attended your birth.

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Benefits of a Doula

The need for doulas is being recognized more than ever due to the changes in the American healthcare system. As modern medical has become more medicalized, the practice of an individual supporting another birthing individual has decreased. Doulas provide that emotional, physical and educational support to individuals and families that can be missing from the birth experience.

Other benefits include: Higher satisfaction of the birth process, fewer medical interventions, decreased financial burden after the birth , and Support for partners through the birth experience

Let Carolina Birth and Wellness help you with all of your wellness goals