Two Doulas are Better Than One

Two Doulas are Better Than One

We all know that two cups of coffee after a sleepless night of nursing or comforting a sick baby is much better than one cup of coffee.  Well, the same goes for doulas: two doulas are always better than one, and using the team approach to support our clients is the only way to have the continuous and complete birth support.

Helpful For Clients

Carolina Birth and Wellness is lucky to have our doulas work in teams of two to help both our clients AND our doulas.  We want our clients to know that even though birth can start anytime, the doula that shows up to the birth is someone that they have met before. By offering two prenatal appointments conducted individually by each of your doulas, you begin to form a relationship with each doula. Our clients find it helpful to have the ability to connect with each doula individually prior to birth so that at the time of birth, they feel completely confident and comfortable. 

Furthermore, with having two doulas, you know that if your birth goes longer than planned, you will always have a fresh doula ready to support you. Though we have not had to switch doulas mid birth, even 20+ hour births, our clients find it great to know that a long birth with not impact the level of care and support they receive from their doula. 

Also, two doulas bring two sets of experiences and skill sets to the table. And those skills will be taught at your prenatal appointment to ensure they are present for your birth. For example, Emily, our massage therapist and doula, teaches some wonderful touch comfort measures, but you can be sure that Morgan has also learned from those and can do some amazing hip squeezes. Also, with Morgan’s social work background, she is great a developing a postpartum plan that will help ease the physical and emotional difficulties you may face, but Emily has also learned those skills from watching Morgan. 

And most importantly, this is a built in back up system. You do not need worry about your doula not being able to be at your birth for a personal obligation or emergency, because at least one member of your team is always available. 

Helpful For Doulas

With having a partner, each doula is also able to be supported. We rely on our doula partner for support just as much as your rely on us for support! Your team of doulas is always in communication with one another, either about birth, client requests, or a postpartum issue, and have develop a deep sense of trust in the other. Furthermore, we know that we can still be present for our families because a reliable and trustworthy doula is available for our clients. By having a team that works wonderfully well together, you will know they also will work flawlessly with you and your partner.