Group Prenatal Appointments for Birth Doula Clients

Hard to believe it is 2019! With the New Year, it means new additions to our doula support packages!

First up, we are adding group prenatal appointments!

Our goal of these prenatal appointments is to supplement the information you are receiving in the your childbirth education classes and private prenatal appointments with your doulas, while also building your community. 

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These group prenatal appointments will be for clients only, and centered around building community, both with one another and in the Triangle as a whole.

Because of that, we will not have one meeting spot but rather be moving around to first ensure as many of our clients who are interested are able to join us, but also to highlight some great new places and build friendships. Locations will be vary, so always check in prior if you are unsure.

Topics for Group Prenatals 

Postpartum Planning: This prenatal will focus on building and developing your postpartum plan, while also highlighting the signs and symptoms of perinatal mood disorders in both women and men, and how to seek help.

Achieving Your Goals with Infant Feeding: Join one of our postpartum doulas for realistic goal setting for your infant feeding plan. We will talk the ins and outs of exclusive breastfeeding, supplementing with formula or donor milk, and any combination you can think of!

Prepping the Rest of Your Family for a New Baby (Dogs, Siblings, and more): Usually birthing folks and partners are on the same page when it comes to birth, however, there are usually more people involved in a family! We will be giving helpful tips for those other family members. Supportive parents, not as supportive aunts and uncles, dogs and cats, older siblings, and everything in between!

Physical Recovery from Birth: Birth is a marathon, and whether your sprint it or walk it, it is still hard and needs recovery. During this prenatal, we will help you prepare for the physical demands of birth, but then also the physical demands post birth.

Emotional Recovery from Birth: With birth being such a powerful event, many emotions will be brought up, and that is completely normal. We will talk about how to prepare for birth emotional, while also preparing for parenthood emotionally. It is of course challenging to know what emotional needs you may need post birth, but we can start the conversation now. 

Entire CBW community: Every six-ish months, we will invite all past and current clients together at a local park or community center to gather, enjoy one another’s company, and building a larger support network. 

How to Sign Up

When you fill our initial intake, you will see a place to sign up for the group prenatals that you are interested in attending. The beginning of the month, you will get a reminder email if you signed for that months group prenatal. Lastly, we will make private events on our Facebook page for these events and bring them to the attention of the group members as a way to remind everyone!

Birth Story Sharing

We welcome our clients back to share their birth story during one of the group prenatals! If you are interested in sharing, let us know when and what type of coffee you would like to enjoy while you chat, and we will make both happen!