The Power of Unlimited Support

The Power of Unlimited Support


Who ya gonna call? Ghostbu-- Your Doula! 

Your doulas are always available to you via unlimited phone, text, and email support 24/7 as soon as you sign your contract. We believe that you should be completely supported throughout your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period, and the way we show that is always being available to talk or text when you need it most. That could be at 2am, or 2pm, 6 weeks pregnant, or 42 weeks pregnant.

24/7 Access to the Your Doulas in Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill

As soon as you sign your contract with Carolina Birth and Wellness as a birth doula client, postpartum doula client, or even a placenta encapsulation client, we start a group text message with your team of doulas, you, and your partner. This group chat is an excellent way for us to not only confirm the logistical details of prenatal appointments and when we should meet you while you are in labor, but it also provides a place for you to update us with whatever you feel you need to update us with.

Some of our clients use this chat for only logistical details and love having a confirmation of a prenatal appointment a day prior. Other clients love having a place where they can share exciting news about the baby's progress! We love seeing ultrasound pictures, and exciting news coming from soon-to-be parents. Other clients use this group chat to ask clarifying questions about what was said during a prenatal appointment with their provider. Sometimes the medical jargon can get confusing, and we can help you sort out the information you receive and even help you craft some questions for your next appointment. 

Communication Your Way

The group text is not the only way to communicated with your doulas. We can talk on the phone in the middle of the night if you are having a particularly rough night, or email you helpful links as you preparing for your baby’s arrival. However you communicate best is how we are available for you!

In short, we provide support how you need as soon as you sign your contract. 

Unlimited Means Unlimited, No Data Cap

But the best part? It is unlimited. We encourage you to contact us as much or as little as you need. You do no need to worry that you will hit your monthly limit. That means at 6 weeks when you know we are the perfect birth doulas for you, we will be there with you for the next 34 +/- weeks.  So at 2am when you can't sleep because Dr. Google has you worried, give us a call (we do ask for calls in the middle of the of the night to ensure we hear our phones). Or when you are sitting at work and feel that first kick, text us! Or when you are drafting an email to visitors about your expectations for when they come visit you and your newborn, send it to us and we will help you make the perfect document that outlines your wishes for your postpartum time. 

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