Postpartum Doula Support

We love to support parents and families as they bring home and learn about their new baby.

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Support You Deserve

Postpartum doulas can be anything you need or want them to be! Our number one goal is to provide complete support to you and your family, however that is.

Some families find that having a postpartum doula present during the day to help with daily tasks and answer any feeding questions can be helpful.

Others would like piece of mind, and a full nights sleep, while a trained expert is able to care for their baby.

And there are others who want it all! We are here to provide complete support to you and your family.

What you can expect from us:

Complimentary Consultation: Learning about the doulas that will supporting you raise your baby is not something to take lightly. We offer this appointment to show our nonjudgmental support carries over from birth support to support for any and all parenting styles. 

One planning appointment: This appointment is so we can learn more about you, your family, and any goals you wish to have during the few months of the postpartum period. 

Day Time Support: This is a great time for your postpartum doula to help with meal prep, laundry, light housework, any breast, chest, or formula feeding questions you may have, and any other support you may need. (4 hour minimum shift required)

Overnight Support: Our doulas are trained in formula feeding as well as bottle feeding with expressed breastmilk, so you can get uninterrupted sleep while you know your baby is completely taken care of by our professional doulas. As an added bonus, you may just wake up to fully cooked breakfast and a cleaned kitchen.

Team of Doulas: You will be assigned two doulas so that all of your postpartum needs will be met.

Unlimited phone/email/text support: Your doulas will be on-call 24/7 at the signing of your contract.

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Benefits To You

You deserve to have someone that supports all the decisions that you make, because ultimately you know the best way to care for and raise your baby

Doulas are experts in recognizing and finding help for perinatal and postpartum mood disorders.

Having someone to help you and answer questions regarding how to breast, chest, or formula feed your newborn can make a world of difference.

You can recover from birth and sleep better knowing a trained professional is watching your baby

And many more wonderful benefits!