Virtual Doula Support

2019 must be the year of new services for Carolina Birth and Wellness! With our community support growing through our Group Prenatal Appointments for our pregnant clients, and New Parents Meet Up for families to build their community, we are helping build your community early. And while some clients love to have that face to face support that they receive through our traditional Birth Doula Support, or our Postpartum Doula Support some have more specific needs. Those needs may not require that same physical presence at their birth. Because of that, we are officially launching our Virtual Doula Support.

Benefits of Virtual Doula Support

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The greatest benefit of any doula support is customized, non biased support. Whether you are having a doula present with you during labor, or assist with overnight support, the support is always customized to you, your family, your baby(ies), and your needs. Thus, it seems only fair that in the growing electronic age we live in, we offer virtual support. 

Virtual Doula Support takes on the shape you need it to be. Whether that is just a simple one hour consult about how to have a planned cesarean birth with your provider, or you really need some extra attention in making your postpartum plan because of extended family members. Whatever your need is, our virtual doula support will help. 

Another huge benefit of virtual doula support is that some people don’t really want a 3rd person in the birth room while they have their baby, but would love the benefits of having a support person throughout pregnancy. Our virtual doula support is exactly that. We provide the same level of on-call support during pregnancy for our virtual doula clients as we do for our birth doula clients. So that could look like a long text thread prepping your hospital bag, nursery, and other at-home essentials. We can also be a phone call away to debrief after a medical appointment where you received unexpected news. 

Just as you would use your best friend across the country for phone support, our virtual doulas will support you and your choices, without judgment. 

Structure of a Phone Doula Session

The structure of each session is what you need. Normally, we offer a FaceTime or Skype appointment first because seeing your pretty face is always a nice addition to our day. However, we can do a phone call if that is easier for you. 

In between sessions, we are available for phone, text, and/or email support for short questions and comments.

What is Included in Virtual Doula Support Packages

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Each session is about an hour. With the purchase of one session, you will receive an invitation to our private Facebook Group, access to our Group Prenatals and New Parent Meet Up events, and receive any client specific emails we spend out in the third trimester. You will also be able to text, call, or email your doula(s) whenever you need an extra boost of support. 

If you are in need of more than one virtual session, we offer packages with a discount when you purchase three or more one hour session (that can be used all at once or spread out). 

We hope this helps our technology advanced friends and provides another level of customized support!

Contact us today to get your first virtual doula session scheduled!