Our Birth Philosophy is Your Birth Philosophy

Our Birth Philosophy is Your Birth Philosophy

We recently had a client tell us her partner was worried about hiring a doula because a friend’s doula forced her client to take a lavender bath because the doula loved that when she had her own baby. Well, yeah, sometimes lavender baths are great. And sometimes they aren’t! For this particular client, she kept saying I hate lavender, I don’t want to take a bath, this is not what I want. The doula felt like she knew better, and the client felt forced to do something she did not want to do. In the end, the client took the bath, was miserable, and now that’s her lasting memory of her experience with her doula.


We would never FORCE you to do anything you do want to do! We may suggest different comfort measures, positions, and even activities to help with laboring discomforts, but we would never force you to do something. 

Only Your Goals Matter

During our first prenatal appointment with our birth doula clients, we take the time to learn about all of your preferences for labor, likes and dislikes in general and any other important information to best support you during your pregnancy and birth. 

We learn your philosophy on as many aspects of the birthing process as possible, so that we enter the birth room 110% with your best interests in mind!

Customized Doula Support

A hip squeeze is a hip squeeze, so from client to client, that doesn’t change much. However, we do completely customized how we approach each pregnancy, birth and postpartum situation. During our first prenatal appointment, we ask each and every client AND partner what their goals are for the pregnancy and birth (other than healthy parents and baby). This allows us to base our following conversations around these goals that have been established. Sometimes these goals are simple, like a client wanting to wear a flower crown or to feel for baby’s head during pushing, so the goals don’t always shape our support. However, sometimes they are much larger and really shape each aspect of our support, such as a client requesting during a twin birth not to be put under general anesthesia. This one goal allowed us to explore all the available options to this client, as well options that could potential help or hurt her goal. Then, during the birth, our doula was able to completely customized how to support this client not only by having two healthy beautiful baby girls, but also work towards her goal of avoid general anesthesia. 

Don’t Know Your Birth Philosophy Yet? Or Even Your Goals?

That is completely okay! We can walk you through the standard protocols of your birthing location and help you a develop a plan that feels exactly right for you!

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