7 Tips for Being Induced

7 Tips for Being Induced

Being induced can sometimes be a scary situation to be placed in, regardless of the reason for the induction. However, our goal of doulas is take some of the fear away and replace it with a sense of feeling empowered about your birth, even if it was not exactly the birth you had envisioned. Below are a few things we have learned from the inductions we have supported our clients through.  

1. Know the policies at your chosen hospital 

With an induction, you will be in one of the amazing hospitals in our area. Learning as much as you can about the various hospitals is a great way to begin to learn about your induction. The various hospitals may have time limit policies established that they may not be flexible in changing, so understanding when to proceed and when to wait with procedures can help you not feel rushed during labor. 

2. Believe in plan A, but prepare for plan Z

During our prenatal appointments, we will talk extensively about your birth plan, but we also always discuss what else could happen. Each client is education about the aspects of birth that may not be as appealing, but we feel it helps our clients feel fully prepared for the upcoming induction. So while plan A may be wonderful and beautiful, we want plan Z to be just as wonderful and allow you to feel just as confident. 

3. Be ready to try something new

Not all paths are a straight line, sometimes you need to make a detour that is necessary to reach your destination. Just as with birth, knowing your ultimate birth plan is a great, but you may also need to try a comfort measure or technique you originally did not feel comfortable with to get you to that goal. 

4. Use your B.R.A.I.N.

Using your BRAIN, and your partners BRAIN, and your doula's BRAIN, and your medical team's BRAIN means lots of options and opinions on the benefits, risks, alternatives, intuition, and not right now of the various decisions you will encounter during an induction.

5. Be confident in medical your team 

An induction can take days, and you and/or your partner may experience a variety of options during that time. Be confident in that you picked your hospital, midwife, and OB/GYN for a reason. Your nurses may be assigned to you, but they were hand selected for their skill and compassion. When you feel confident in your medical team, decisions are going to be easier due to an established level of trust and respect. If you have doubts about your medical, address them early so a solution can be reached. 

6. Remember your support team 

So many of our clients are lucky to have a great support team, whether they are in the labor and delivery room, in the waiting room, or a phone call or text away. But remember your team is there because they love you and support you. Remembering how many other people support you can give you an internal strength you may not realize you had. 

7. Rely on your doula

Your doula is going to be with you ever step of the way during an induction (or any birth for that matter). Be sure to rely on her to help you learn and understand the medical process. During our prenatal appointment, we will discus when we will arrive at the hospital and how that will look for support. Some clients love when we met them at the hospital, help them settle in, and be present during the initial induction procedures. Other clients prefer to go in only with their partner, and call us when they feel like they are struggling to cope with the pain. Other clients don't know when they want us and text through the early stages of the induction, and then we decide together when the doula should arrive. However you chose to use our support is what is best for you, and always know we are here to support you every step (and sometimes those steps are slow) during an induction.