Importance of Having A Doula

Importance of Having a Doula in the Triangle

Preparing for a baby can mean you get to plan and prepare a nursery, pick out adorable baby clothes, as well as surround yourself with family and friends who are equally as excited for you. And while there a ton of exciting firsts during pregnancy, there are also some less exciting events you may experience where a doula's expertise and support would be incredibly beneficial. 

Our doulas provide unbiased, nonjudgemental support for families during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. And that support comes from texts, phone calls, face to face, and continuous support. We are there for our clients, and clients’ families when they need us the most. 

Unbiased Doulas In Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill

Unbiased support through any major decision is something very people are able to receive. Loved ones can be invaluable during this time but usually have biases when a family member is facing a major decision. And while this love is coming from a caring place, it can be hard to have to justify a decision when you know others around you may or may not support you. On the flip side, individuals can face judgment from not a place of love, and feel like they are doing something wrong, despite knowing that decision is best for them as a person/parent/individual. A doula’s main purpose is to support without judgement. We are there for our clients to know they always have someone on their side of a decision, even when that other side is from a loving family member that just means the best. 

Doulas Provide Emotional, Physical and Educational Support

Emotionally we support our clients however they need us. We provide a hand to squeeze, an ear to listen, a smile to comfort, a shoulder to cry on, and most important a heart to show compassion from.

Physically we support our clients through one of the best but hardest times of their life. We do hip squeezes to help open the hips, we provide counter pressure to release the tension, we massage tight shoulder and hands, and we apply pressure to feet to decrease pain. 

And educationally, we support our clients in learning as much (or as little) as they would like about pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. We are certified doulas, and can pass on the wealth of knowledge we have learned during this process. Furthermore, we are very well connected to other like-minded professionals in the area who can assist our clients in ways that we cannot.

Individualized Support

Our care and support is not something that is the same for each client though. We have clients that are confident in their decisions and need their doula to provide them with facts, benefits and risks, and they will make their decision. We have clients that need to talk through their decisions, and tease out each aspect of the process to fully understand the entire picture. We have clients that just need to feel like they are trusted enough to make a decision for themselves, and love knowing their doula is there with them each step of the way. And all of those are fine! 

So while a doula is great for everyone and will provide amazing benefits during all stages of your pregnancy and birth, there is not a number one reason why a doula will be the best for you. Why? Because we haven’t met you yet and have not learned how to customize our support and care to your needs.  Let's change that, shall we?