When to Hire a Doula 

When to Hire a Doula

One of the questions we get most often is when to hire a doula. And, like most of our answers for birth related questions, the answer is: it depends. We have had clients hire us at 15 weeks, and clients hire us at 38 weeks, and everything in the middle. Obviously, we would love you to hire us earlier than later so we can provide as much support as we can, but we understand that each person has different needs.

It Depends on You

Doulas provide the emotional, physical and educational support you need, whenever you need it. Though we are providing most of our support during the actual birth, we do support our clients by attending prenatal doctor or midwife appointments, help prepare the nursery, plan for meal prep for after the baby arrives, and planning other aspects of what the first weeks and months will be like with a new baby. 

It Depends on Your Partner 

Sometimes partners can be more resistant to hiring a doula earlier due to not realizing that we will not be taking their place in the birth room, but rather supporting them AND the birthing person. Some partners also need to attend a birth class to truly understand a doulas purpose and why we are so valuable. We love working with partners and support them during birth and would never dream of replacing them in the birthing room.

It Depends on Your Baby 

Your estimated date of delivery is just that: an estimate. We have had babies born at 33 weeks and 42 weeks. Because of that, and our model of support where we are on call as soon as you sign your contract, hiring a doula earlier can alleviate some stress if you are concerned about delivering earlier than your estimate date of delivery. 

24/7 Doulas in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill 

Because of our completely support, not only are we on call as soon as you hire us, we are also able to do our two prenatal appointments whenever you need us to do them. Generally, we do the first appointment closer to the contract signing, and the second appointment closer to your estimated date of delivery. However, we can customize that with whatever fits you and your family best. We can combine the two appointments, we can switch the order, or we can spread the appointments out more. Our support depends on what you need!

Community Support and Parenting Classes

We offer various community support groups and parenting classes at various times. Though you do not need to be a doula client of ours to participate in these classes, they are a great place to beginning to build your tribe. Furthermore, you can take these classes at 10 weeks or 40 weeks. 

Due to our model of support, we are always available for clients, and ready to support you when you are ready!