What’s Your Goal For Today? 

What’s Your Goal For Today? 

We approach each client at each postpartum doula shift with a clean slate. We do not have any opinions about what should, or what should not be done, by the parent, or what should or should not be expected from the baby. We do, however, always start the shift with the same simple question: What is your goal for today?

Specific Goals Help Create Specific Outcomes

Each time we meet with a doula client, we like to understand what the specific goals for the family are for that block of time. 

Sometimes in a four hour day shift, we are able to meal plan, get groceries, and even prep a week worth of meals. Other day shifts, our clients simply want a shower and nap, and nothing else. 

Night shifts also can look very differently depending on the particular goals for that night. One night, a nursing parent may be concerned about supply issues, but also exhausted. In that case, we may wake the parent to breastfeed every two hours by bringing the baby to their bed, and then taking the baby away after to get a diaper change, a good burp, and back to sleep. Thus, we are limiting the amount of time the parent is awake while also being aware of breastmilk supple issues. Other times, we may be provided some expressed breastmilk and a bottle, and two exhausted parents. This allows for the parents to get a few hours of continuous sleep while we care for the baby. Then we can prepare a quick breakfast for you to enjoy after you had a great nights sleep!

By asking for your specific goals, we can help you achieve the specific outcome that you need for that day or night, whatever that outcome is.

Goals Can, and Do, Change Daily

The reason we ask what your goal is for that particular day is because that goal can look very different day to day. We want to be the best postpartum doulas possible for you on any given day. Thus, we are flexible with the support we provide, and how the support will look for you, your family, and your baby. 

The Best Postpartum Doula For Your Family

Since each family is different, the postpartum doula support that each family is completely customized. By asking this simple question of “what is your goal for today,” we open the door for a conversation to occur about what is needed for your unique family.

Are you ready for a complimentary consultation with your team of doulas? Yes, each postpartum doula client is given not one, but two doulas to ensure that not only do you receive complete and customized support, you have a built in back up doula! 


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