Formula feeding

Formula Feeding Tips

At Carolina Birth and Wellness, our postpartum doulas support our clients in however they choose to feed their babies. Using formula to feed babies is a great way to ensure babies are getting enough to eat and to know exactly what they are eating.

Group Prenatal Appointments for Birth Doula Clients

Our goal of these prenatal appointments is to supplement the information you are receiving in the your childbirth education classes and private prenatal appointments with your doulas, while also building your community. 

How to Know Baby is Getting Enough to Eat

One of the biggest concerns for all new parents, well actually all parents in general, is how do you know if your child is getting enough to eat?

Pregnancy, Birth, and Having a Newborn During A Power Outage

Whether you are (fast) approaching your estimated date of delivery, have a newborn, or just have little kids, the possibility of Hurricane Frances hitting Raleigh in the next few days is a bit scary!

The Golden Hour Redefined

The “Golden Hour” has become very popular to discuss within the birthing community in the past few years.

What’s Your Goal For Today? 

What’s Your Goal For Today? 

We approach each client at each postpartum doula shift with a clean slate. We do not have any opinions about what should, or what should not be done, by the parent, or what should or should not be expected from the baby. We do, however, always start the shift with the same simple question: What is your goal for today?

Planning Appointment With Your Postpartum Doulas 

Planning Appointment With Your Postpartum Doulas 

All postpartum doula clients, whether you just need one overnight, or a full 40 hours a week of support, are offered a postpartum planning appointment to allow both doulas and your family to share expectations, goals, and concerns about having a newborn. 

Overnight Support 

Overnight Support 

Sleep when the baby sleeps they say. Well, they also mean hire a postpartum doula for overnight support in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill and you will be actually be able to sleep when the baby sleeps.