Your Unique Cord Keepsake

Your Unique Cord Keepsake

Many of our placenta encapsulation clients are aware of the both the physical and emotional benefits they receive from taking placenta capsules. However, many are unsure of the reasons for receiving the complimentary cord keepsakes that we offer our clients. We hope this will help you learn about why the umbilical cord is special, and also why you should want to save it.

Magic of the Umbilical Cord

The umbilical cord is what connects your placenta to your baby, and allows the flow of blood to go back and forth between the pregnant person and baby. The umbilical cord contains two arteries and one vein, wrapped strongly together. With delayed cord clamping becoming a standard of care for our area hospitals and birth centers, conversations about cord blood benefits for newborns are occurring more often in birth plans, birth doula prenatal appointments, and at local OB and midwife offices. The umbilical cord is an amazing structure for both the pregnant person and the baby!

Complimentary Placenta Service

In addition to providing a complimentary placenta print, using the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) inspired method to prepare your placenta capsules, making a luxurious salve, saving some of the benefits for a tincture to be used 6 months or more after your baby is born, we also offer our clients the ability to save their umbilical cord. We offer to make your umbilical cord into the shape of your choice, free of charge, for any client that requests this wonderful product.

The umbilical cord is made into a shape, most common is a simple circle or a sweet heart, and dehydrated. During the dehydration process, the shape does change slightly, and will become smaller, but the general shape that you choose will stay intake. We then place the dehydrated cord into a special keepsake bag that will be yours to save, and have a visual reminder of your amazing umbilical cord!

This service does not provide any additional physical or emotional benefits for the those ingesting their placenta via capsules and/or a tincture. Receiving a cord keepsake is purely for a visual reminder, thus the reason for us offering this service as a complimentary add on when purchasing placenta capsules. 

Placenta Services in Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill

Like all of our placenta encapsulation services, we believe that in-home encapsulation is the best and safest way to process your placenta. That means that when we are you in home, you will be able to be involved as much, or as little, as you would like in the steaming, dehydrating, and grinding process that occurs. Our placenta encapsulation specialist can make your cord into a simple shape, and will dehydrated it alongside your placenta. On day two of the encapsulation process, the cord keepsake will be complete! 

Ready to get started? We are to talk to you about placenta encapsulation and your complimentary cord keepsake!