Can’t My Husband/Sister/Mom Be My Doula?

Can’t My Husband/Sister/Mom Be My Doula?

The (paraphrased) definition of a doula is someone (or a team of two in our case) who provides emotional, physical, and unbiased educational support to pregnant individuals and families during pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period. And while that person doing the support can technically be anyone, we find that a professional doula is able to provide better support. Our approach of non-judgement and professional support is preferable as we are able to be completely present, while also completely unbiased at the same time. 

Family Member Don’t Make The Best Doulas

Family is wonderful for many things during pregnancy and parenthood. They usually are able to throw amazing and personal baby showers. They love to pamper you and your baby with gifts, treats, and other special memories. Family loves to bring food, take pictures, brag about you to everyone they meet, and so much more. However, they don’t make the best doulas.

Non-judgement Doula Support in Raleigh

Our doulas provide non-judgement support through your entire pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period. We are able to provide this complete non-judgmental support because while we are have an emotional investment in you, we are able to approach your birth without an inherent biases. A family member may have personal opinions they are bringing to the birth room that can impact what they say to you. We do not bring any of our opinions into client interactions. We are able to completely support your decision, and even help you find the words to say those decisions to others. 

Unbiased Doula Support in Durham

The unbiased support we provide our doula clients is something that even the best partner, sister, or mom cannot provide. Because of their intense love for you as a person, they cannot be unbiased when it comes to your care! Nothing against them, but it is really challenging to give unbiased support to a family member. 

Professional Doula Support in Chapel Hill

We are professional trained, certified and insurance to ensure that we approach each doula client in the same professional manner any other professional may approach a client. Each client and each medical provider we come into contact with is treated with the highest level of respect to ensure that we are the best doulas possible. 

The Doulas at Carolina Birth and Wellness provide emotional, physical, and educational support for pregnant individuals and their families in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and surrounding areas.

We also offer complimentary consultations to all potential clients looking for birth doula services, postpartum doula services, sibling doula servicesantepartum doula services, plus placenta encapsulation and in-home prenatal and postpartum massages in the Triangle area. Contact us today to schedule this appointment to see why we are the best doulas to support you and your family!